I've lived in London since I was six months old, my parents were born here and at any one time my whole family can usually be found somewhere within the realms of the M25. When I grew up, I trained as a Dietitian and from that my passion for all things food and health developed.

The idea behind this blog was to bring together three of my greatest loves - Londonfood and health in the hope that it would create something a little bit unique. 

Day-to-day, I can usually be found somewhere walking the corridors of London's hospitals where I specialise in weight loss surgery. I'm lucky to have an understanding of good nutrition and love to learn as I go. Setting up mariellasplate in 2011 has allowed me to share that with all of you (I also just love writing and playing about with social media!)

None of this is to say that you have to be a Londoner to read this blog. It's for anyone who's keen on a bit of tasty food and learning about the odd bit of healthy eating.

I hope you enjoy x

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