Who’s over advice about how we should be eating? Me too! My name is Mariella, a 33 year old Registered Dietitian and Londoner who switched it up two years ago for a life in New York City with my gorgeous husband, David aka Chip. 

With a tidal wave of conflicting, confusing information since the internet was born, and really before, the world has created a real mess for itself to unpick. I haven't practiced as a dietitian for five years as I now work in marketing but I've watched in horror as this whole insane mess has unfolded and I want to do what I can about it.

Putting those years spent studying nutrition to better use and my knowledge of how to make sense of the latest science in this area, my ambition with mariellasplate is to create a space for sharing accurate healthy eating information that feels relatable and interesting.

The answers won't always be clear cut because nutrition is a messy science but I'll always strive to give you an honest, workable answer and if you think there are ways I can make any tips better, I’ll always wholeheartedly welcome your feedback - two way street 😊🔛

With honest nutrition information, we can all get on the same evidence-based page about how to eat for a healthy, happy life. 

Feel free to get in touch

I hope you enjoy! 

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