➰ I completely love sharing bitesize facts about nutrition that I’ve picked up as a dietitian and I really believe that when you understand how the food you eat interacts with your body, you can make so much more informed decisions based on what’s right for you
➰ Everyone deserves to be able to take control of their health. It’s your health. So, you should absolutely have the knowledge and tools to look after it, assuming you want them. If you don’t, that’s ok too, again, it’s your choice
➰As I’ve said before, we don’t always truthfully have the answers in nutrition and that’s why it can sometimes get a bit grey, murky and even frustrating. And it creates room for bad advice to bubble up to the top. By spreading good advice, we can crowd out some of that noise 😊
➰All of this said, it’s important to keep perspective. Focusing too much on the minutiae of nutrient-to-nutrient science can distract us from the bigger picture. Nutrients need to be kept in the context of the food, food needs to be in context of diets and diets needs to be in context of our lives
If you enjoy learning about what happens when your body picks up the vitamin C in an apple, I’m right there with you, but it’s important not to get too reductionist about the whole thing. Information is powerful but just remember each piece is part of a seismic puzzle, so no one piece has the potential to solve all

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