⭐️ VITAMIN A FOOD SOURCES eggs, oily fish, cream, milk, yoghurt, cheese, liver 
➰ANY ADVICE? If you eat animal products, think diversity (eggs, dairy) rather than just meat. And if you’re vegetarian, it’s all good - our clever bodies can also make Vitamin A from beta-carotene found in plant foods (e.g. carrots, tomatoes, apricots, sweet potatoes, red peppers and spinach) 
➰ MAKING IT WORK Sub out the chicken in your salad for some smoked mackerel, or switch the pork chop at dinner for a fillet of salmon. Liver is crazy high in Vit A, just 30g/1oz is enough for the whole day. And don’t forget, vegetarian or not, we all benefit from plant sources of carotenoids. 
➰WHAT IS VITAMIN A? A fat soluble vitamin, mostly stored in our liver
➰ WHAT DOES VITAMIN A DO? One of its roles is helping new skins cells mature, which keeps the skin at its best because without cell replenishment, our skin can become very dry 
➰ANYTHING ELSE? Zinc transports Vitamin A in the blood and supports its functions, so a good zinc intake is also important
🍲 ON MY PLATE Buckwheat crêpe complète topped with an extra egg sunny side up and Comté cheese

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