➰ Who’s over advice about how we should be eating? Me too! With a tidal wave of conflicting, confusing information since the internet was born, and really before, the world has created a real mess for itself to unpick
➰ Here’s the thing, nutrition is a messy science. It’s full of grey areas and uncertainty. Healthcare systems haven’t really been set up to give people the holistic care that they need so we fall for fads that insist they have the answer we’re looking for
➰ But good scientific evidence and reliable experts are out there - they’ve just not always been put out their information in a very zingy, intriguing way that makes you want to find out more
➰ Only trained industry professionals can change that. So as a Registered Dietitian, my ambition with @mariellasplate is to create a space for sharing accurate healthy eating information that feels relatable and interesting. The answers won’t always be clear cut, and I’d be happy if helpful, to elaborate on some of the reasons for that
➰Part of the fun with nutrition science is leaning into the uncertainty and drawing conclusions based on the information available and what’s right for you, because we’re not all the same. And always always, we should remember that eating isn’t just for health purposes, it also should be enjoyable, social and cultural
➰ If someone gives you a definitive black/white answer that feels too good to be true, it probably is. I won’t do that. I’ll give you honest, interpretable, interesting information that I feel will work for you. And if you think there are ways I can make any tips better, I’ll always wholeheartedly welcome your feedback - two way street 😊🔛
With honest nutrition, we can all get on the same evidence-based page about how to eat for a healthy, happy life

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