⭐️ MAGNESIUM FOOD SOURCES INCLUDE lentils, almonds, avocados, spinach, oats, buckwheat, halibut, tofu, soybeans, pumpkin seeds, dark cocoa
➰ ANY ADVICE? Think about what you’ve eaten this week - have you had a few of the above sources of magnesium? Foods containing magnesium are sometimes the foods we don’t eat enough of
➰ MAKING IT WORK Get crafty with cooking - add some spinach to your omelette, tip some extra oats in your muesli, pop some pumpkin seeds and almonds on your yoghurt - look at any bowl, pan or glass and think how can I make this more MAGnificent?!
➰WHAT IS MAGNESIUM? One of the most abundant minerals in the body
➰ WHAT DOES MAGNESIUM DO? Lots. But one important function is maintaining Vitamin D levels - magnesium converts Vitamin D to its active form, which is needed for healthy bones, muscle strength, neural communications and immunity
➰ANYTHING ELSE? Many people living at northern latitudes are at risk of Vitamin D deficiency in the winter because we mostly make this vitamin from sunlight. It’s advisable to take a vitamin D supplement but if you’re not eating enough magnesium rich foods, you may not reap the benefits of that supplement. Unlike Vitamin D, magnesium is present in lots of foods, so most people can get enough by eating a delicious diet - no need for magnesium supplements
🍲 ON MY PLATE whole oats, oat milk, 100% dark cocoa powder, almonds, raspberries and a drizzle of maple syrup to sweeten it up. If I’d had pumpkin seeds, I would have totally added them in for extra crunch

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