Long(er) distance running

So 8 weeks ago I ran my first road race. And 8 weeks later I can say with full confidence that long distance running - you have converted me.

After a short break, I'm already completely back into it and the Great North Run has been set as the next big target. All of a sudden asking friends whether they're keen to run it has taken seat alongside other questions about summer plans.

And of course one day, it would be great to join the big kids in the big schmoke. Hats off to all of them, running another 13 miles after those 13 miles?!! But I guess walk before you can run, and run before you can run-run?

I'm not sure I expected to enjoy my half marathon as much as I did. So why did I? Well they say punchy-points make for better persuasion than stringy-sentences, so here goes.
  • Training becomes enjoyable. Getting out there to keep healthy or in shape, previously always carried more the obligatory than the fun factor.
  • Fundraising. Double-handedly, Lu and I were able raise far and beyond what we had hoped for a charity close to our hearts, Rethink Mental Illness.
  • A weekend away. Cutest Saturday night spent on the sofa with friends, a bowl of pasta and glass of orange squash, into bed by 10pm!
  • Surprising yourself. Mile 11 was grim and I owe a lot to whoever came up with glucose sweets. But you can't knock new experiences, and demanding that much of my body was previously unchartered territory.
  • The medal, the goody bag and the sponsored gear. Free stuff!
  • Sky's the limit. Marathons, triathlons, or even iron man's if you're a glutton for really strong poison. All much more achievable. 
  • Opportunity. Having the privilege to cross a finish line on the track of a world class stadium, cheered by thousands of crowds.

So to all those London loveys out there tonight, feeling the tube strike anger? Well, why not turn it in for a tube-sock canter?

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