Pizza East Portobello

Everybody loves pizza. And everybody loves pizza done well. Therefore, everybody should love Pizza East!

You can tell a fair amount of thought has gone into choosing some winning combinations, the Portobello mushrooms, tomato, fontina and oregano in particular, stuck in my mind. This isn't really the place to go asking for 'extra this' or 'not with that' if you can help it.

Pizza East is a chain that people are becoming increasingly familiar with. The original branch is based on Shoreditch High Street with a more recent addition in Kentish Town. I headed over to the third and final restaurant on Portobello Road for a friend's birthday earlier this weekend.

The menu cleverly marries up pizzas with Secondis (in this case, cuts of meat fresh from a wood oven!) as well as more modern dishes such as the Quinoa, courgette, caprino fresco and almonds salad! You've also got to hand it to them for the interiors as they've stripped them right back to the features of the original pub.

It's not a cheap eat but prices are reasonable ranging from £8-18 for a main (£8-15 for pizzas) and there are separate breakfast and brunch menus. I think the Poached egg, potato hash, rocket and spinach or even the green eggs and ham will be worth a return visit!


What really sets Pizza East apart from the rest is the number of ingredients that you don't see so often on London menus. Our waiter was happy to be quizzed and able to answer all our questions. If you do get a chance to go, here's a little glossary of cheeses to assist you in your picking!

caprino - goat's milk cheese that's soft and creamy when fresh (Caprino fresco) but can be seasoned (Caprino Stagionato) to create a saltier, more tangy cheese with a rind

taleggio - a soft but more elastic cheese with fruitier tones. It's EU PDO protected (like champagne) so can only be made in certain regions of Italy to ensure quality.

pecorino - a goat's milk with buttery nutty notes. Also EU PDO protected, this cheese becomes harder  as it ages. Pecora means sheep in Italian!

burrata - an outer layer of mozarella with an inner layer of mozarella and cream, which you'll pleased to hear flows out when you cut into it!

Can't decide? Don't worry, all these cheeses are available to try as 'Counter' dishes!

*** 30g cheese is all that's needed to count as one of the three portions of calcium that most adults require per day!

Pizza East Portobello
310 Portobello Road, London, W10 5TA
Tel: 020 8969 4500
Opening Hours: Monday to Thurs: 8am - 11.30pm
; Friday & Saturday: 8am - Midnight; Sunday: 8am - 10.30pm
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