Goji berries

I would personally probably argue that all foods are 'super', even the sugar-spiking kinds that put a smile on our face - I'm yet to find an antioxidant-laden fruit that does that quite so well! But there are definitely more and more foods available to us which convincingly carry both the novel, and the nutritious factor.

Goji berries are one such better known example. I first encountered them when mixed with chinese-greens at my cousin's restaurant and none of us had a clue what they were. Not even googling it could solve the mystery - several other red berries were featuring a little higher up the search list.

Somewhere between a dried cranberry and a raisin, with an after-taste that if I'm honest reminds me of pumpkin(!), goji berries are renowned for being an acquired taste. But like them or loathe them, they don't half pack a nutritional punch:

Protein - goji berries have 11 out of a possible 20 amino acids (not bad for a fruit!)

Iron - they are seriously iron-heavy, with more gram for gram than spinach or steak!

Vitamin C - more than oranges! This will help with absorbing the iron.

Beta-carotene - the same stuff as in carrots that helps us see in the dark. It's an antioxidant so slows the damaging oxidative processes that can lead to cancer, ageing and heart disease.

Zeaxanthenin - also found in paprika, saffron, spinach, broccoli and... eggs! Again it's pretty good for our peepers.

And that's without mentioning the plentiful supply you get of several other vitamins (vitamins B 1, 2, 6 and E) and minerals (calcium, zinc, copper and selenium!).

Having said that, there's no hard and fast evidence that eating goji berries will keep us from harm. Although, healers in the Far-East have been using them forever, and you've got to wonder when people have stuck by something for several centuries. And from looking at the above, they certainly can't be a bad idea!

They're fairly available now with most big supermarkets and pretty well all health food shops stocking them. But at their current price, they're unlikely to start featuring regularly on weekly menu plans just yet.

However, if you're curious, convinced or just keen to give them a whirl, here are a couple goji berry beverages to try out. If not, then double up on your steak, fried eggs and spinach tonight and I'm sure you'll do just fine!

Goji Tea

Simple - handful of goji berries, pour over hot water, and stir!

Gojirasplumberry smoothie!

Blend together 2 tbsp goji berries, two ripe plums, quarter of a punnet of rasberries (mine were fresh from frozen!), 4 tbsp of water and 1 tbsp of honey.

*** Caution! Drinking large smoothies means large calories (even if they're nutrient-packed calories). Stick to 150ml to count as one of your five-a-day.

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