2-Day Diet Challenge

So over the next few weeks we have decided as a department to try out some of the weight loss diets that we offer to patients. The idea being that we have to stick to them strictly (!) to try and gauge which is more effective, and also to get more of an appreciation for what it's like to be on them / which are more tolerable / etc.

I've got the 2-Day Diet, which is similar to Michael Mosley's Fast Diet (the popular one that everyone is doing), but the original one, which was put together by Dr Michelle Harvey (a research dietitian) and her colleagues at the University of Manchester (yes!) when they were actually investigating the effects of weight loss for breast cancer.

Anyway, the diet involves following a low-carb (up to 50g), low-calorie (800-1000kcals) plan for two days of the week, and then eating a moderate kcal Mediterranean diet on the other five days. The theory being that across the week you achieve a kcal deficit significant enough to allow for weight loss - evidence suggests that every day you would need to cut 400-600kcals from your diet to achieve weight loss and these guys argue that that is harder work that cutting right back for two days of the week.


We've got the books in the office so I've had a quick look and from what I can tell it seems that:
- for my weight, age and sex, I need to stick to 1700kcals on my other days
- I'm only allowed three treat foods (sensible portions) each week
- It's better to do the two days together to get the best benefit (that's because: 1) you'll be in the swing of eating less and; 2) the longer you're low carb, the longer you'll be in ketosis, which is when you burn fat)

I'll try to put something up on here as often as I can with a track of what I've eaten, in terms of food stuffs, kcals, carbs, treats etc and any exercise. I'll also do my best with any thoughts, hints and tricks. And just to be clear, I'm not saying I need to lose weight, in fact I recently lost a bit at Glasto, so although the aim is to try this out for 4 weeks, I will be coming off it sooner if my weight starts plummeting or I start falling over!

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