2-Day Diet Challenge: Days 3-4

It's a good job I've been using an app every day to log what I've eaten - there is no way I'd have remembered this otherwise. Keeping a track that way is also proving a much easier way to work out kcals each day, and the  carbs on fast days.

I did manage to go for a run on Tuesday and stick to the fast in the evening but only because of some seriously supportive friends who forgave me for sitting there sipping diet fizzy pop and took my sporadic episodes of light headedness in their stride.

Pretty lanterns at Dalston Eastern Curve Garden

But Wed was a much cheerier day.

Week 1: Wednesday 

BR: 40g porridge oats with low-fat strawb and blueberry yoghurt, 15g mixed nuts, few raisins (Felt much much happier after this!)
MM: 2 carrots
LU: 2 kipper fillets, salad, cous cous
MA: Rice Krispies square, carrot, Coke Zero
EM: BBQ!! Burger, chicken thigh, sausage, bits of potato salad  (hard to quantify when you're having fun!), 2 ciders, few crisps and dip, few mail teasers and few m&m's (two treat portions down)


Disastrous! Fell right into the variety trap. A study on Channel 4's Secret Eaters I once saw showed that people eating sweets ate 800% more if they had a variety to choose from rather than if they were all the same. Fortunately, the damage wasn't actually as bad as I had feared because leading up to the BBQ I had tried to be saintly all day!)

Tally: 2245kcals, 121g protein, 203g carbs
No exercise

Thursday was another dreaded fast day but being at work did end up making it easier. I didn't do any exercise and there wasn't the temptation of going out for drinks in the evening. The only low point was feeling really nauseous when I got to work - I actually thought I'd eaten something dodgy at the BBQ, until I remembered I had had dust for breakfast.

Week 1: Thursday 

BR: same Danio yoghurt but with 10g porridge oats (this little sprinkling did actually really help and it only amassed to 45kcals + 7g carbs)
MM: black coffee
LU: 2 chicken thighs, salad and 1 rye crisbread (again having that little bit of carb did seem to help)
MA: cup of rooibos tea at Grandma Did's after work
EM: 2 cold chicken thighs from the night before's Barbie and a sausage with roasted veg 
BT: Coke Zero whilst doing a bit of work 

Tally: 1007kcals, 52g carbs, 75g protein. Pow!
No exercise
No alcohol
No treats

Forgot to take any food snaps that day, so I'll leave you with these delightful cheese plates that Didi was trying to offload on me. I politely declined. 

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