2-Day Diet Challenge: Days 1-2

Right seeing as I'm here, I thought I'd pop up a bit on how the first two days have gone. I started yesterday with a no-fast day as I was going out to dinner that evening. I almost managed to stick to my 1700kcals - it was not as easy I was hoping for!

(BR: breakfast, MM: mid-morning, LU: lunch, MA: mid-afternoon, EM: evening meal, BT: bed-time)

Week 1: Monday 

BR: 55g porridge oats, 200g low-fat yoghurt, 10g mixed nuts
MM: carrot! 
LU: 1 chicken breast, salad (lettuce, cucumber, tomato, beetroot), about 80g uncooked cous cous (ish!)
MA: chocolate biscuit (counting that us half a treat portion used up, 1 biscuit is nor a treat!), 1 banana
EM: Chimichanga (at last!), Coke Zero
Wasn't too sure about the Chimichanga, but according to the new Google Nutrition Facts tool (which by the way is amazing) - that's what it was - i doubled the portion as the one I had was pretty sizeable. It's about the kcals really anyway on these days, so next time going to get it under 1700!
BT: 1 Hobnob (1 treat portion down!)

Tally: 1790kcals, 260g carbs, 100g protein
No exercise

Today has been the first fast-day, it has been harrrrrrd. It started off fine but I'm feeling pretty irritable right now, low tolerance for things on my laptop taking too long to load! Luckily, I've had a day off so been writing an article at home but to be honest I'd be a little worried about what my concentration levels would have been like at work.

Week 1: Tuesday

BR: Danio yoghurt (low-fat, low-carb but thick, creamy and high in protein, which helps to make it filling)
MM: black coffee :(
LU: 2 kipper fillets and salad (cucumber, tomato, peppers)
MA: 1 banana 
Plan for EM: 2 chicken thighs (fat-off) with roasted veg I prepared at lunchtime. 

NOT a promising start

Will hopefully (if I behave this evening) Tally as: 840kcals, 46g carbs, 62g protein

Meant to be going for a run today, which is why I've had the banana - not sure what the rules were on exercising on the fast days so we'll have to see how this works out. Remember - if I fall over.. I'm out!

Exercise: 30mins running

Then heading to a roof-top cinema night with my housemates in Dalston, definitely no drinking today (not meant to have more than 10 units per week). Suddenly this isn't all sounding like so much fun but fortunately tomorrow is not a fast-day as there is no way I'm doing that at a BBQ in the evening. I guess most likely will have to be Thurs. x

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