Magic Moments

It's well-known to those who know me that I'm a bit of an Anya Hindmarch fan, and this year I've been more than a little bit captivated with her All I've Ever Wanted collection.

It one hundred percent appeals to my inner little girl. The window displays at Selfridge's are magical -  little black toy trains whizzing around bits of factory machinery that are ferrying around tiny jewel coloured Quality Streets. It's like chocolate factory meets toy town.

The AW12 makeover that the Marano clutch has had, takes handbags to a whole new level. They either light up and twinkle or play music, and have been packaged and presented to look like toys (you can watch the videos here); truly, ridiculously, incredible.
The Marano Dancer

The Tiny Tim

Quality Streets feature heavily in the collection. They didn't really in my family christmases growing up, but definitely have done this year. There has been a tin in the office, on the ward and on my living room table pretty much every day this month. They've even managed to get a look in on my Christmas wrapping.

I now appreciate that sinking feeling - when there are no more green triangles, fudges or the purple ones left. The fuss, however, that some people make about toffee pennies, orange cremes and toffee deluxes, is lost on me.

Unfortunately the beautiful AH bags are a little out of my price range. But it didn't stop me buying one little 'To Me, From Me' present this year.

The contents were, as ever, a little disappointing but they did all contain a lottery ticket with the chance to win something from the AW12 collection. Like most people, I don't tend to do well with these sorts of things, but we'll see. And if not, at least we got a giggle out of some too-good-to-be-bad cracker jokes. 

Merry Christmas xxx

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