Proud to be Patriotic

happens to be my favourite number, but I think the world has come to agree that this, as it has been said many times in the last few months... 
has been quite a year for the Brits!!

The Union Jack is everywhere!

I'm counting down the days till the Team GB track tops are back in stock

We all took a souvenir from a street party near us

One Victoria almost fell off the roof of a London taxi cab

And another turned in her grave

Radio One Big Weekend arrived on the Hackney Marshes

Whilst the queen and co flotilla'd down the Thames

(in the rain)

Before she surpassed ALL expectations

And of course.. we only went and smashed it at the 2012 Olympics 
at home with a whopping 65 metals!
And my super clever, super brilliant friend Ashleigh Ball got a Hockey Bronze!!!!!

Could the support for Team GB both sport and non-sport related be any greater?!!

A Proper British Mess! X

For the fool-proof meringues…

Make sure all your utensils are sparkly clean and preheat the oven to 140 degrees – wiping utensils with a bit of lemon juice on a piece of tissue will help remove any hidden grease.  Carefully separate four egg whites into a bowl making sure no yolk is taken with them – eggs separate more easily if they are fresh.

Whisk the egg whites for 2-3 minutes until the eggs reach a moussey type consistency and then for a further 1-3 minutes until they form stiff white peaks at the end of the whisk – it’s really important not to overwhisk.

The rule of thumb is 55g caster sugar per egg with meringues so that is 220g for four. Whisk it in three tablespoons at a time and once it’s all in you should be left with a lovely shiny, glossy mixture.

Lay a sheet of baking paper on a tray – you can use a few blobs of the meringue mix to stick the corners down.  Then spoon the mixture out to make your meringues – I prefer the big ones and this recipe will make around 8. Avoid being neat with the spooning – meringues look and of course taste heaps better when they’ve got personality.

Pop in the oven and bake for 45-60minutes. Once done they need to be left to cool completely, ideally whilst in the oven.

For the strawberry puree…

Chop half a punnet (200g) of strawbs and use a hand blender to juice them (so satisfying!). Strain them through a sieve – it’s best not to miss this step – before stirring in a tablespoon of icing sugar. (Definitely worth a taste at this stage)

How to make a jolly old mess…

Whip the double cream but keep it relatively floppy and then use the same bowl (any chance to save on washing up) to get messy. Chop the rest of the strawberries into halves or quarters and break up the meringues before gently folding them all into the cream – try to keep the bits relatively separate and make sure it's all nice and chunky. Stir in the blueberries at this point too and half the puree, it's worth squashing a few bluebugs at this stage. Serve it up, drizzle each portion with a little puree and..

            Tuck in old boy!

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