Playing with pancakes

Shrove Tuesday.... Clearly one of the best days of the year...

1.                Get together with some fellow pancake enthusiasts
2.                Spend 20 minutes Googling the best batter recipes
3.                3 minutes making it up
4.                At least 10 minutes hotly debating whether thick or thin pancakes should take precedence
5.                With a decision reached, wait patiently whilst reminiscing over some memorable pancake-related stories (peanut butter with cheese, enjoying sunset on the beach in Thailand has to top my list)
6.                Enjoy with some seriously cheeky fillings!
                           Feeling brave?? I promise you, savoury stuffings are the way forward:

Bacon and cheese
Mexican 3 bean
Warmed tomato, mozzarella and basil
Chille con carne
Chicken tikka masala
Ham, leek and mushroom
Meatball Marinara

7.                Follow with a sufficient number of happy gustatory noises

8.              And.......... squabbling over who gets the last one is of course compulsory.

Right now it looks like Tom, Joey and I will be choosing between Bacon and Cheese and Meatball Marinara. Photos to follow! X

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