Thrifty Fodder: Cheap Treats

A list of my Top 10 great groceries with some ideas about how to spruce them up. They’re all cheap and many of them have a long storage life so can be saved till those tougher weeks and help to avoid panic buying more costly alternatives!

Cous cous
Scope for what you can do with cous cous is just limitless. And it takes a fraction of the time to prepare compared with rice and pasta - put it in a bowl, just over cover it with boiling water, cover with a plate and wait 3-4 minutes.

Anyone who reads the Metro will know the onion came out in a recent poll as beating crisps, chocolate and beer as our nation’s happiest food!

Cod in a bag (aka. Cod in butter cream sauce)

The white portion of your 2-a-week. Plus it's always sold frozen so can be kept for those end-of-the-month moments – scrummy with a jacket / mashed potato and peas!

Turkey thighs
The cheaper chicken. Thighs are also of course the cheapest and tastiest part of a bird.

Baked beans
No not just on toast – baked bean chille con carne is better and cheaper than using kidney beans. Or it’s cheaper to even try making a batch of your own (haricot / cannellini beans, tinned tomatoes, chopped onion, 1 tsp sugar, bacon and a stock cube)

Our nation's second happiest food. Not only inexpensive but also colourful, versatile and rich in the all-important see-in-the-dark-vitamin-A.

Tinned Sardines
The oily portion of your 2-a-week. Rich in EPA and DHA (more affectionately known as omega-3’s) – all the evidence suggests that sardines and their other oily counterparts play an important role in the fight against diseases such as diabetes, heart diease, cancer and depression.

Much like b.beans these cheap little pulses add a little something and some low-fat protein to all sorts of dishes. Tinned and dried are also roughly the same price.

Fruit squash
The ultimate budgetary beverage that lasts for weeks, even months, and the no-added sugar varieties contain an almost miraculous... 4calories!!

Tis the season for oversized courgettes. Difficult to get hold of because historically they’re considered a little bit tasteless, but stuff them with some mince (perhaps even the baked bean alternative), sprinkle with cheese and that's yet another tasty dinner done.

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