Thrifty Fodder: Out-smarting 'Single Chef Syndrome'

When it comes to eating on a shoestring... a major barrier is the result of an effective double act between supermarkets, who find it impossible to sell a single pork chop, and mother nature, who perhaps following years of man and wife sharing a whole carrot or a whole onion seems inherently, to only be able to produce ‘goods for 2’.

And certainly for the supermarkets, there’s no coincidence here, they know you don't need it, they know you waste it, but regardless… you bought it! What I call 'Single Chef Syndrome' is not only a syndrome it would seem, but it is in fact often an absolute inevitability.

Apparently, despite being in this modern day, no food production industry has wised up to the fact that the days are rather long gone, when after we achieved our long-awaited independence from dear old mum and dad, we entered straight into a cohabitating and stable relationship.

So there you are, on a Tuesday evening with your half tin of chopped tomatoes, half pack of mincemeat, half carrot, half onion and leftover spaghetti, racking your brains for something else you could make out of these inconspicuous ingredients! 




Well there is an answer…

I advise you to simply use the whole lot. No hesitations, hell use an entire branch of broccoli if needs be or an entire pack of shrooms. Cook it all up and see how much you’re left with once all the packets are empty. Then simply make sure you have some sensibly sized tuppleware boxes handy (nevermind if you've lost the lids - you can seal with tin foil or cling film), distribute away and store in the freezer for a supply of countless lunches and dinners.

Alternatively, if you’re feeling super keen, you could even partition out your chicken fillet strips or fish steaks into little freezy bags before you cook them. Then you just need to decide what you're going to have that evening before work and defrost it!  Go on, I know it sounds like a bit of a bore, but it’s worth it because it means you can eat well and save the pennies for the things in life that you’d rather spend them on. And here’s why…

Beating the Single Chef Syndrome means:
1. less waste when the other half of the miscellaneous food item goes off
2.  fewer trips to the supermarket, ergo less inclination to buy unrequired produce
3.  less temptation to order in / eat out – cooking from scratch = cheaper. Fact.
4. you can buy in bulk when foods are on offer or veggies are in season
5. you can taken advantage of end of day offers, for example with your favourite top of the range supermarket quiche (another culprit that is cheaper to buy for two! Cut it in half then freeze the two bits separately)

So no excuses – make sure next time you’re down at the store you stock up, showing the big cats that just because you haven’t quite cracked the 2.4 children equation just yet, it doesn’t mean you're going to waste your pennies or enlarge your waist line, just because of buying food you don’t need!


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