Juggling with J's

June and July have proved this year to be two unprecedentedly busy months! Previously consisting of exams and of end of era wind-downs, my grown-up introduction to these early-summer months has barely allowed my feet to touch the ground and left this blog rather neglected!

Firstly, there were the three glorious days Paris followed by Strictly Gershwin ballet at the Royal Albert Hall – a dazzling insight into the glitz and glam of 1930s music, which held the grandparents captivated for hours!

THREE happy engagements were announced and of course there was my first all grown-up wedding!! This was the most heartwarming day that any little girl could have wished for.. everything was close to home from the venue, the flowers, the people and the mummy-made bunting and wedding cake!


Summer sporting events, as always, took up their fair share of time, with yet another day spent sipping (or should I say swigging) champagne and prancing at the polo. And then there was the annual mad dash to Oxfordshire for a rather royal regatta – where we pranced some more and witnessed the establishment of Henley’s 13-man mixed harmonius choir.


A rather different tenting experience was had several days prior to this at the absolutely incredible, not to be experienced anywhere else on this earth Glastonbury Festival!!! Three glorious days of rain, sunshine, music, mud and overall far too much excess!


Battered and broken there was then the small matter of securing the dream job. Which, after 20-odd man hours of personal statement writing, powerpointing and interview prepping is finally done! 

And then lastly but most certainly in no way leastly, in and around all this activity there has been The Move! Having bundled up my south-west London childhood I carried it across the river to our fantastic house off Cally Road, which I share with two amazing guys, one amazing girl and about five or six come-and-go honorary housemates!

So however, chaotic juggling with the J’s has been – it has left me with a north London adventure, adult self-sufficiency, fabulous times of early summer 2011, new friends, new prospects… and all in all set up (however strange a time for new beginnings) pretty peachily for a fantastic year ahead!!


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